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what do anarchists think of... communities, such as anarchists, as a simulacrum of the public sphere in general and/or 'real-world' anarchist communities?

What do you think the impact of (re)creating such spaces/relationships is upon the ancient Greek notion of parrhesia (honest, unpopular speech)? Do you think parrhesia and anarchism even relate to one another?

how do you think the various ways in which one may participate in the digital community--anonymously, using a pseudonym, or using one's real name--informs or changes the manner in which one interprets another's words? do any of these forms of presenting one's self online make parrhesia easier or more difficult to achieve? do other aspects of one's account (profile picture, journal entries, info page, etc.) influence the success or failure of attempts to persuade through parrhesia?

This is for a research paper I'm working on, and although it is mostly written, I thought it might be helpful to simply ask these questions openly and see what people think... feel free to answer any and/or all of them. the concepts of simulacrum and parrhesia are intended more for those who want the specific context I'm working with; if you aren't familiar and don't feel like reading up on them, feel free to rephrase the questions and answer as you see fit (finding a balance between how people actually speak and how one is often expected to write can be a pain in the ass).

depending upon how many people respond, these questions may be revised and then x-posted to anarchists at a later date.
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